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Mon 13 September 2021

Being Proactive with Your Diagnosis

Just as I have had to trial different meds to find what works for me, I have also had to trial different counsellors to find the right fit and I have had to trial different coping strategies. No one else can dictate or prescribe these, you need to find the individual ones that work for you and your personal situation all while being sufficiently supported. Everyone has a story and this just happens to be mine.

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Mon 06 September 2021

Teenage Domestic Violence

What started as lustful friendship slowly but ever so surely turned into obsession and control. I didn’t know that boyfriends were not supposed to manipulate you to engage in sex acts. Or that it’s not ok to have someone need to know where you are at ALL times and with who and to be in constant communication when not together.

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Sun 29 August 2021

The Importance of Finding the Right Help

I am so grateful for my second experience, but I was so close to giving up on getting help after my first experience was so negative and it terrifies me to think of where I may have ended up. It is also so concerning how many other people give up after their first experience of counselling if it’s a negative one. I can’t stress enough that you really need to find the one that’s right for you.

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Sun 22 August 2021

Psychosis, An Altered Reality

We take him to the hospital, after 5 hours in Emergency we see a Dr, they immediately give him antispsychotic medication. For 2 months William’s psychosis powers on. He is heavily medicated. He continues to escape locked wards; scales walls, jumps off the roof, breaks through windows. It is exhausting and the most frightening thing I have ever witnessed. As his Mum I can’t see an end to it.

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Mon 16 August 2021

The Impact of a Workplace Bully

My manager was hostile, physically intimidating, verbally abusive and downright manipulative. If you cooperated, you would get the shifts you wanted or the leave you applied for but once you stood up to her, you became the next target.

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Sun 28 February 2021

Survivor Guilt, Why Don't I Feel Lucky?

But for now, all I feel is remorse and a total sense of responsibility for such a tragic outcome being bestowed upon someone else when I have been spared. This horrible catastrophic natural disaster happened, I was there to help, to fight to save people, their homes and communities. Instead we were fighting for our lives, to simply survive the event ourselves. I was pulled from the frontline for a mandatory rest period and someone else died in my place.

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