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Tue 19 April 2022

Client Testimonials

The first time I met Sarah, I was at the lowest point in my life. Through countless visits and a lot of battles, I am finally able to enjoy my life and be happy. I have met other therapists before but Sarah's approach has by far been the most effective for me. Instead of the typical 'how does that make you feel' she provides a completely different outlook on the situation you are in and is able to find ways to help you get out of them

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Mon 28 February 2022

Mental Health First Aid Training Singleton

Sarah was an absolutely amazing instructor & made our group feel very welcome. Sarah was wonderful at facilitating conversation, and allowed us to collectively share our views. Sarah was wonderful to have a laugh with which was nice in such a content heavy and sensitive course.

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Sun 17 April 2022

MHFA for Tertiary Students

Sarah, you were absolutely awesome. Coming into the course, I was scared that it might be a bit, dare I say - boring, because of how long it was scheduled for. However the stories you shared with us were so fascinating, and the interactive nature of the workshop really made it feel like we were really having an informative conversation about mental health as opposed to a lecture. So thank you :)

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Wed 09 March 2022

Online Refresher Courses

Instructor was fantastic. I strategically chose an instructor who had an understanding of MHFA in a rural setting, these examples and experience provided in the course were very relevant. I learnt new content, based on those real life scenarios and experiences.

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Tue 29 March 2022

Standard Mental Health First Aid

Sarah was relatable, personable and had a great stock of stories and useful anecdotes. While Sarah maintained humour and kept things light she was skilful in maintaining the dignity of the people she spoke about and was respectful and considerate when listening to participants.

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Sun 23 January 2022

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Very positive, approachable and encouraging. Easy to understand and explained everything so it was easily understood and comprehended. Down to earth and practical making the content relevant and usable for all participants. Referred to Manual constantly, bringing explicit attention to the different organisations that are available to help those that need it. Her ongoing support for all participants even when the course concluded was generous and commendable